Wishcraft (Mini Cards) – Stacey Demarco

Wishcraft (Mini Cards) – Stacey Demarco


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Artist:  Stacey Demarco
Description:  40 mini cards
ISBN: 978-1-9259-2499-2
Publisher:  Rockpool Publishing, April 2021
You are the Magick

Everyone needs a little wishcraft and magic in their lives, especially kids!
There are three key things to remember when doing wishcraft. The first is to be as clear as you can about your wish.
The second thing to remember is to have fun: let go, celebrate, be creative, be in the moment!

The third thing to remember is that you are the magic.  Without you, without your unique energy in the world, the magic, the wishcraft, cannot work.

Stacey Demarco is an internationally respected Witch whose passion is to make practical magic accessible to everyone.  Her down-to-earth yet scholastic spiritual style and her skill at weaving ancient techniques to solve modern problems make her work unique and compelling.  She is the founder Natureluster, a programme to assist people to engage with nature for healing and health, and a past committee member of the educational body, the Pagan Awareness Network.  Stacey lives on Sydney’s Northern beaches on a cliff by the sea, with her husband (a specialist doctor) and animal companions.  She is an avid adventure traveler, horsewoman, beekeeper, gardener, environmental activist and although she loves the snow, she understands that her skiing is unlikely to improve – ever.

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