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Charcoal Tablets

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A Charcoal roll contains 10 individual tablets, with the tablet diameter 33mm for Swift-Lite.

The charcoal tablet provides a heat source on which to smoulder your herbs and resins for a dramatic and atmospheric incense experience.

How do you use the charcoal tablets?

  • Remove a tablet from the sealed roll and, holding with tongs, light the edge of the tablet with a lighter, match or candle.  The tablet will then light across its surface.  There may be some sparks, this is normal and is required to completely ignite the charcoal.
  • Place the lit tablet in a censer or heatproof dish.  Lightly sprinkle resins and/or herbs onto the tablet.  Do not smother the tablet.
  • As the resin smoulders, there will be a lot of smoke.  This is normal and part of the purpose of using this method.  Ensure adequate ventilation or use outside.  
  • Use tongs to scrape away the ash and add more resins/herbs.  Tablet will continue to burn for about 40 minutes.
  • The tablet should be left to burn out and cool in the censer.
  • If the tablet is to be extinguished before it is fully cooled then it should be placed in a container of water.

Safety Warning: 

  • When the tablet has been lit, do not handle it with bare hands as it will cause burns.
  • Do not dispose of the ash remains in a bin as this may cause a fire.
  • Do not hold the tablet in your hand when lighting or when burning.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

Safety Hint: 

  • Use stainless steel tongs to safely handle hot charcoal.
  • Always use on a heatproof surface. Keep away from flammable materials.

Enjoy your personalised incense!

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Swift-lite Charcoal Tablets, Woodbine Charcoal Tablets, Charcoal Tongs

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