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Becoming the Witch – Danae Moon Thorp


Author:  Danae Moon Thorp
Description: 388-page book
ISBN:  978-0-7387-6918-9
Publisher:  Llewellyn, Nov 2021

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Embrace the art of magick and the power that has always been inside you

Providing a unique look at what witchcraft means in the 21st century, this lyrical book empowers you to become a divine weaver of life, be at one with nature’s heartbeat, and connect to all things.   With practical guidance and poetic encouragement, Danae Moon Thorp teaches you what every witch must know, including the elements, spells, tools, deities, rituals, and more.

Becoming the Witch explains the complexities of witchcraft in a clear and creative way, giving you a richer understanding of how it all works.  Learn to imbue every action, word, and ingredient of a spell with powerful energy that connects your heart, body, and mind to extraordinary possibilities.  You’ll also explore divine realms, delve into the history of magick, and find spiritual fulfillment in ordinary life.  This book is your key to not just holding a wand, but also turning that wand into an extension of yourself.

Danae Moon Thorp is a witch, psychic reader, and founder of SpellBox, a popular metaphysical store.  She is also the creator of the SpellBox Witch’s Calendar and Diary, and she ahs been a gues on many Melbourne radio stations.


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